Initial 2 (2:29)
Plastm (4:29)
Save vs. Spell (3:24)
Grip (3:56)
In Spare (2:40)
Lima (2:31)
Shade Lyra (4:49)
Live Cut 01.06.19 (1:35)
Plane (4:54)
Promises (4:11)


Forged from intuitive jams recorded in their home studios, Serwed’s sophomore side delivers 10 fractious, shapeshifting oddities full of lopsided, minimalist rhythms and uncanny spatial complexities. Each part is cut from the fabric of longer sessions and highlights points in their creative process where intersections of their individual inputs transcend the sum of their parts, generating strange and inquisitive new permutations of rhythm and sound, or a “kind of new entity” as they prefer to call them. Collected and arranged into album format, they make a uniquely etheric flux that resonates richly with West Mineral Ltd.’s between-worlds aesthetic and adds up to a surreal and captivating bigger picture.

Variously touching on aspects of abstract techno dub, early-hours dancefloor experimentation, and heartstrung yacht rock strokes, the results smudge definitions of club music in a way that see those spaces as playgrounds for the imagination, and not simply sites of reenactments of the past, or outlets for alcohol suppliers. As such the album offers myriad options for altered state dancers and ‘floor-edge wallflowers, exploring a mutable range of styles between the Dynamo-meets-Bellows flux of ‘Initial II’, the nervously stepping tics of ‘Platm’, and the strung-out 0PN-ism of ‘In Spare’, while the likes of ‘Grip’ and the jet-streaked minimal house abstraction of ‘Plane’ are more urgent in their bassy heft.

Produced by Flaty & OL

Artwork by Andrea Indini
Mastered at D&M Berlin
Distribution by Boomkat
Edition of 300 on clear vinyl

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