Make Me Know You Sweet (OUEST099)

• VVQ-SSJ (11:13) BBN-UWZ (6:52) •• AAE-KZT (7:25) IBX-BZC (10:20) ••• KVL-LWQ (8:40) OXI-GKK (6:24) •••• NMQ-HYT (11:26)

********************************** a Story from Elsewhere. an Addition to Contemplating a Bridge. This here IS Malleable Musics & Conveyance through the Pneuma. dragged-Up, We rest in the Sun. I ask to Hear the Rules beforehand You Say, «MAKE ME KNOW YOU SWEET» ********************************** The Audio-Track entitled «KVL-LWQ» features Pontiac Streator and was Recorded in the City of Kansas, the County Wyandotte, the State of Kansas during the Month of April, the Year Two-Thousand and Seventeen. All other Audio-Mineral was Sourced and Recorded in the Community of Ridgewood, the County Queens, the New State of York during the Month of January, the Year Two-Thousand and Seventeen. ********************************** ~edition of 300 copies pressed on clear vinyl~ ~edition of 700 copies pressed on black vinyl~ ~distributed by Boomkat~ ~mastered by Matt Colton~ ~available from the Nineteenth of January, the year Two-Thousand & Eighteen~

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