Collex (OUEST096)

Into Deep (3:59)
Spilt (6:23)
Choeo3 (3:26)
Coiyea (2:35)
Cart (4:02)
Glass in Plastic [with Arad Acid] (3:46)
Anc Alt (5:23)


reversals and slippage toward glass, reconfigured
smasht past it
smeared the oil cross currents
and me
plant rotting its container, or, grains lovingly
no warm water to spit back
no cloth to tie

i glance back
refractions stack right.

a kiss that will stew until it evaporates
scuffed across my feet, feet crossed

bubbled trash that spilt intermittently,
who cleaned the air with a smudgey for you.


~edition of 300 copies pressed on orange vinyl~
~edition of 200 copies pressed on black vinyl~
~distributed by Boomkat~
~mastered by Matt Colton~
~Typography by Joseph Ruddick
~Photography & Design by Christian Alborz Oldham
~Center Logo by Shy
~available from the Twenty-Fifth of October, the year Two-Thousand & Eighteen~

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